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[번역] Arena Homme Gyuri Interview (English Translation)
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Q. It's been a while, hasn't it?

A. Kara rarely had activities except for releasing one album in a year ever since the year before last. The members, including me, each tried to do personal activities. I had a performance with the electronic duo From The Airport at the Summer Sonic Festival in Japan and I starred in an indepenent movie.



Q.  Did you participated in BIFF for that movie?

A. Yes, for that festival it was released under the title of "거꾸로 가까이, 돌아서."

I was 김재욱's ex-girlfriend in the movie. 

She visits Korea from Japan for research with her ex boyfriend to 강릉. She happens to meet his present girlfriend, 최정안, at 강릉 bus terminal so the man who cheated on her has a 멘붕, (A mental collapse or goes crazy). That's the story of the movie.

The title had been changed to "두개의 연애" for the official release.


Q. You have participated in song festival several times before but it was the first time for you to visit BIFF as an actress. How was that?

A. I had visited the 제천 국제음악영화제 by myself before, however, it is the first time to be officially invited. I heard that BIFF had a special meaning for people in the movie business, so I got little nervous. It was like a dream, cause I never thought about having this opportunity. I said to the director that I'm really appreciative several times, (Laugh)



Q. How did you get to star in the movie?

A. I didn't think I would have a business meeting with 조성규 the director. I was having a drink with my acquaintances when the director dropped by and drank with us. He remembered me so he sent me the scenario of "두개의 연애" afterwards. He needed an actress who was good at Japanese so he thought of me. I studied a lot because I had a lot of experience in Japan as Kara, I guessed I could do well.



Q. I heard that another movie of yours will be released in first half of this year and that it was also directed by 조성규

A. It is a movie named 어떻게 헤어질까. A woman, after her mother's death, who raised a cat, falls in love with a neighbor who can see the kitten's soul. It wasn't suppose to released in a row, so, I worried a little. Even so, I do my best in a given opportunity, I'll just wait for the audience's response.



Q. Anyway, he was satisfied with your acting, therefore you had an opportunity to star in a second movie.

A. I asked about Director Cho why did he casted me twice. He said my normal character matched with the role. He asked me to not play something grandiose, just act like myself.



Q. What is Gyuri's everyday character?

A. I don't know. Except for my job, I am an ordinary normal girl. I have lived as Gyuri of Kara for ten years. Sometimes I think, "I mistook myself in people's expectation and stereotypes of me." Sometimes I pretend to be outgoing and positive

through acting, I'm glad to find myself which I didn't know. I have various characteristic more than my expectations.


Q. Nobody can easily become a leader of idol group. You must be very bold.

A. Actually I am awkward when I reveal myself in front of others.

I would rather endure the whining and crying of hardship if I could.

However, when I filmed 어떻게 헤어질까, I could cry whatever I wanted because it is just so alike to my current situation. It make me feel much better after crying.



Q. You would really empathize the with proverb 'The office changes manners.'

A. I really do. I was a shy girl who hid when people looked at me until highschool.

I occasionally became kara's elder sister, so I should be outgoing, even if I didn't want to. That's how I spent my entire twenties, now that I'm 29 years old. Since I've spent devoteful time as a Kara member, I want to seek out myself more afterwards.


Q. Do you have an image that you want to reveal? Except goddess Park Gyuri.

A. Kara revealed themselves according to set concepts when album promotion begins. I am tired of thinking of new images anymore.



Q. You're a 10-year-old Idol, almost like an executive of a company.

A. Concerning idol, I know and possess the necessary elements to become one.

However, there is far much more to learn about  musicality. In that point of view, 10 years is just nothing. When I see idol groups who about to start, they are organized very well from the beginning. On the contrary, kara had an unskilled start, knowing nothing.



Q. You've achieved  success after the tough effort for being famous as an idol group, now you've reached a turning point.


A. What I can said confidently is that I made an effort everyday.

I shouldn't regret myself in the future, when I look back on the past

I never had a thought like "I can't" or "I won't"

I am proud of my career in Kara. 

No matter what people say, Kara takes first place in my mind. I've made choices that weren't shameful, that holds true today.



Q. When you woke up on Jan, 1st, 2016, did you think "Ah, I am about to become thirty"?

A. Sometimes my friends and fans said I have aged. Frankly, every time I heard that, I have no idea, just thinking why do other people care about my age? It wasn't only me who grew old. (Laugh) Don't you think it's too creepy to (always?) live in a fresh twenty's aprearance? I don't care much because I'm fully enjoying the beauty of my age.


Q. What do you think you did something good in 2015?

A.I learned to drink in the second half of 2015. After I went to BIFF


Q. You must have drank a cup of soju with 돌멍게(sea pineapple) in 해운대 포장마차

A. Yes, there I learned to drink 소맥(soju+beer). I couldn't drink soju before. However, well mixed 소맥 in perfect proportion really tastes good. After that, there are lots of things to care about. Since then I've learned how to drink. (laugh) So I solved my problem in drinking with my friends, now I think I have grown up.


Q. Did you understand why people drink alcohol?

A. That's a big problem. Nowadays, my friendly unnie leads me into world of wine and strong liquor. I didn't even take a sip of red wine but now I begin to learn. That's how I learn both life and liquor. 


Q. Don't you going to like plain taste?

A. Ah, yes indeed. I preferred fruit flavored or sweet taste before but now I like simple taste. It feels like my taste has becomes mature.



Viktoriya @PureBombe 

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