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[인증/후기] 2013/03/19 (ENGLISH) Park Gyuri Drama "Nailshop Paris" Support Event Post Write-up
 글쓴이 : ultraman88
조회 : 4,097   추천 : 20  
 글주소 : http://karaboard.com/733129

After a request by Mr. Miracle5, I decided to make the translation of the post write-up of the support event held by fellow 
members 서포트관리자1.  Please excuse any mistakes or what not. It was done in a quick manner due to my time constraint. You 
may use my translation in anyway or even edit / add to the original post. I hope this helps. 

Please note, I didn't use the Google Translate because it sucks. I did it on the fly with some help from NAVER Dictionary.

Below is the link to the write-up in the original Korean and also Japanese translation by Mr. Kogoro.


On 03/19, the Drama support event was participated by the support team members 하로하로, 메인로고, 세나님, and 부동심결님.
The support preparation began very early in the morning of the day.
We divided into two teams. One team took care of the preparation of the handmade lunchboxes and the other team went to 
the graphic printing service to edit the cheer-message and produce the rolling paper.

We made a total of six handmade lunchboxes with each consisting the following items.
Black rice-abalone-risoto, feta cheese salad, mushroom bulgogi, tuna-tofu kimchi, orange chicken, fried eel, skewered shrimps, fruits and drinks.
For Gyuri, we also added flank steak as a special addition.

We arrived at the film site at 11 o'clock AM with the lunchboxes. 
We also received the Outback Lunchboxes for the film crew at the site.

We ordered two types of lunchboxes, grilled chicken breast and chopped steak, all for 65 people.

Due to the confined space at the building where the filming was being held, we decided to put on the pretty
stickers made by 무지개참치님 on a street corner close by.

Both the passing pedestrians as well as the staff members smiled and chuckled as they walked by us. Because we are the 
first team to provide support event for the filming at "Nailshop Paris," it must have been a rare sight for the crew members.

While the stickers were being attached, 세나님 went to a Supermarket nearby to get the drinks to accompany the lunchboxes.
Due to the lack of enough number of drinks, 세나님 had to go to two different places. That caused him to be a bit late than the originally
planned time. 

Now, all the team members are busily attaching the stickers on the street corner.

"Ah~Hello. Thank you very much."

...we turn around when we hear a voice
Out of nowhere, a very beautiful boy you might see from a romantic manga appears...

It is, our official Goddess!
There she was standing with a bright smile, a short bang hair, and wearing a black shirt and a violet sweater.
She had given us a greeting first.
She maybe is on a diet; she looked a bit thinner than the time of the Concert at Tokyo Dome.
How come even this kind of boyish style suits her so perfectly. ㅠㅠ
This is a different attractiveness compared to her typical self.

All of our hands stopped at once from attaching the stickers.

"Wow~what is this? Wow, I didn't know that lunchboxes from family restaurant~
...but, what are you doing?"

Ah...attaching stickers...;;;
Gyuri must thought our situation of having to attach stickers on a street corner was funny.

"This is why I like our fans. ㅋㅋ Somewhat lacking (or a bit imperfect). ^^I like it so much~ ㅋㅋ"
The film crew nearby laughed in unison.

However, even in that warm atmosphere...
The completed lunchboxes were being delivered to the actual film site by several crew members.
And the situation was that we had to bring the drinks as well, we could not stop our work and idly chat.
So, we had to squat by the items and continue attaching the stickers while Gyuri watched us.

But then, all of sudden!!
Gyuri comes next to us and 딱!!!!! Comes next to us and squats down beside us
"I will help as well." And she starts helping us attaching the stickers. 

"Look. Aren't I good? I have a lots of experience doing similar things way back..."
We could not help but be touched by the image of Gyuri happily attaching 
the stickers as she said this.
How pretty is her thoughtful heart, thinking of her fans.
But most of all, imagine the picture of the STAR and the fans preparing the lunch packs for the crew...!!
Gyuri's manager, who was standing nearby must have thought this was a funny scene, took a photo with his smartphone.

"How can you take photo with yours? For something like this, you should take it with mine," 
she commented smiling.
Thankfully, several crew members also helped out in attaching the stickers.
Due to the help, we were able to complete the work with not too much delay.

After the completion of delivery all of the lunchboxes and drinks, we cautiously asked her for a confirmation photo shot. She heartily accepted.
Also, she was holding one last sticker remaining in her hand. 
"I will attach this one last remaining one here~"
With that, she put the sticker crookedly on the envelope which we had carried the prepared autograph sheet.

She looked at the autograph sheet and mentioned, "I really like this photo~"
The autograph sheet has the same image as the rolling paper.

There was no suitable place for her to autograph the sheet.
So, she used the marble outer wall of the building as backing to give us her autograph.
While she was writing her autograph, we asked her if she knew that we are from the KARABOARD.

"Of course, I know well. I visit the site often. ^^  I even saved the site 
on my Bookmark..!! What are your ID's? I won't write on this autograph 
sheet but just curious.^^"

We cautiously gave her our ID's. 

She replied, "Ah! You are him? I saw the ID many times. I even read your postscript write-up 
the last time."
What she means is, she is usually watching and reading who is writing what kind of postings.

I am watching.

She wrote her autograph while chatting,
"KA. RA. BOARD." She enunciated the word.
She even wrote "To. KARABOARD" on the top and completed her autograph.

"To. KARABOARD I read your forum board all the time!!!  I will thankfully have the meal. 'ㅁ'!! Gyuri of KARA.

After completion of her autograph, she shook hands with each one of us.
"I am really thankful for the meal."
She thanked us many times.
And she gave us the confirmation shot right nearby..^^
Plus, she posted on her Tweeter the confirmation shot after her lunch meal.

In that manner, our support event was completed.

Despite a short fundraising and message gathering period due to the sudden decision for a support event, we were able to complete the
support event successfully as a result of the moral and material support from you the members of KARABOARD.
We want to take this opportunity to thank the KARABOARD (especially those foreign fans who helped from far distances). 
Thank you very much for everyone's labor and efforts. 
Even going forward, let's all make KARABOARD much enjoyable!!^^

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13-03-21 11:48
번역하시느라고 수고하셧습니다 ^^ 짱이신듯 ㅎㅎ
13-03-21 11:49
WoW~~ English translation~  Thank you~~  ^^.
13-03-21 11:49
영어까지... 글로벌한 카라게시판!!!!
13-03-21 11:50
영어까지,,,,, 우리 카게는,,, 세계적인 능력자들이 많으셔서,,,,,, ㅎㅎㅎ  감사합니다 ^^
13-03-21 11:52
반면 카게는 국제적인 뵨네도 낳는데요 ^^
13-03-21 12:17
13-03-21 12:42
스스로.... 인증을...ㅎㅎ
글로벌한 뵨네인가요?
13-03-21 12:52
이야.. 고생하셨어요..
카게가 국제적으로..
13-03-21 11:52
Thank you very much !
I wish Gyuri can read my comment !
I love you Gyuri !
You are my goddess and I am really looking forward to see your coming drama !
13-03-21 11:53
thank u for English translation~
13-03-21 12:16
Young Kamilia should inform his or her parents that Karaboard is a good place to learn foreign languages....
13-03-21 12:17
hahaha!!! It's funny... ;D
13-03-21 12:53
카게 능력자 장난아님
13-03-21 12:20
한일처럼 문법이 닮지 않으니까 한국어를 영어로 번역하기 위해서는 정말 한국어를 알고 있을 필요가 있다고 생각합니다.
믿음직한 분이군요.
13-03-21 12:23
서포트 후기에 추가했습니다..^^
13-03-21 12:25
오오~영어로까지 좋네요~^^
13-03-21 12:29
Oh! Good job~!!
Thank you for your kindness. ;D
13-03-21 12:43
와우 영어 번역해 주시다니....  감사합니다... ^^
13-03-21 12:44
Gooooooooooood job!!

Thank you for translation.
13-03-21 12:47
Thank you so so so much!
Great job! You are the best!
13-03-21 12:49
Thanks to karaboard support team!!!  That's Great... Wow....
13-03-21 12:51
번역 감사합니다^^
13-03-21 14:00
thanks for translation n karaboard jjang!!
13-03-21 15:27
thanks for your kindly translation. It's great.
13-03-21 15:32
호~. 대단하심.
13-03-21 16:25
정말 감사합니다..^^
13-03-21 18:33
멋지네요. 감사 ㅎㅎㅎ
13-03-21 22:59
Thank you for the translation! It's great to see gyuri so grateful to the support from karaboard :)
13-03-21 23:55
영어권의 Kamilia를 위해 이 기사를 Tweet했습니다.
AKP의 KARA포럼에는 이미 링크가 실려 있었으므로, ultraman88님이 번역해 주신 것임을 추가해 두었습니다. ^^
13-03-22 08:24

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